As the Chinese New Year festive season approaches, Coca-Cola is having a Purchase with Purchase promotion at Supermarket outlets around Hong Kong.

For every pack (8cans or 12cans, 330ml) of Coke purchased, add either HKD$19.9(USD$2.57) to get an 8inch round porcelain dish or HKD$24.9(USD$3.21) to get a 10.5inch round porcelain plate.

Cardboard packaging method was adopted for this promotional product, minimal design with red and white as the main colour. – For Chinese, red colour symbolises prosperity, good luck and happiness.

Chinese New Year is all about reunion and gathering over meals, hence introducing the porcelain ware series is ideal for the coming celebrations. In addition, the shape of the plate has a significant meaning to the Chinese culture;

  • Roundedness symbolizes “Reunion” as presented by the Chinese word “Tuan Yuan 团圆”- United and Rounded
  • Also symbolize “Success”-From the Chinese word “Yuan Man 圆满”, meaning rounded and complete.

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