Starbucks Singapore Giveaway Promo: Dragon Tumbler..

To celebrate Chinese New Year this year, also known as the year of the dragon, Starbucks Singapore recently held a promotional campaign for the “Dragon Babies”. Anyone born in the year of the dragon could now get a chance to win a Limited Edition Gold Stainless Steel Dragon Tumbler.

Promo Mechanism:
1. Post a status update on your own facebook why you think it is awesome to be born in the year of the dragon.
2. Get friends to “like” the post.
3.  Take a screenshot of your post(with accumulated “likes”) and proof of document you are born in the year of the dragon. Send it to by 2359, 20th January.

*Valid only for residents in Singapore

The top 18 entries with the most likes will get to win this promotional gift, which is so exclusive that it is NOT for sale in Starbucks Stores.

The uniquely designed promotional item will definitely draw the attention of all Starbucks fans, not just the ones born in the year of the dragon. Through word of mouth, many will know more about this promotional product and find out more about this promo on the website. Although this does not drive sales, it drives traffic to its site where consumers could learn about new offers and products.

What we love about this giveaway is its wise choice of collaborating this festive season with its merchandise. By printing “Dragon” in its Chinese character presents exclusivity and usage of gold colour signifies high authority. However, we thought this promo could be improved if the Starbucks logo was printed on it! Be it embossing on the plastic cover or printing on its surface, this could be a great form of branding for your business.

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