The celebration of Chinese New Year(CNY) continues for the entire lunar month. Same for related promotions, marketers tap on this opportunity to prolong their promos to raise as much sales as possible. Take a look at the CNY promo that Starbucks is currently holding.

Starbucks CNY Promo

Starbucks is selling CNY promo bundles, each includes a complete set of 12 zodiac themed gift vouchers, beverage coupon and limited edition red packets. Our favorite will be the gift vouchers. Very interesting with combination of traditional zodiac signs, giving it a pleasant twist.  Red packet as promo gift is also an excellent way to market your brands as they will be given out/distributed around. However, there is something strange about this promotion. Calendars were not mentioned in the promo bundle although they were printed on the poster. This mistake might cause confusion, making it an ineffective promotion.

Another CNY Promo by Starbucks – Dragon Tumbler.

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