Paco Rabanne, a famous Spanish fashion and perfume creator, has understood how to make its latest perfume visible in stores. Competition is fierce in the perfume industry. Go to any airport duty free store or cosmetics store and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the choice. Standing out is therefore vital for brands.

Brands have different tools they can use in their marketing mix to create brand awareness. Here are a few possibilities: packaginggifts on purchaselucky drawsloyalty reward schemes etc.

Display for Paco Rabane's New Perfume

Paco Rabane Gold Fever perfume bottle and gift on purchase

Paco Rabanne has chosen to promote its perfume by introducing eye catching displays into retail stores.

Their new perfume, Gold Fever, is shown off in golden safes that convey the brand’s image: luxury and prestige.

What’s more customers who purchase the perfume receive a free gift on purchase : a mini golden key ring.

Both the key ring and the bottle design copy the know Regent diamond, which is on display at the Louvre and is considered the most beautiful in the world!

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