We visited local Chinese supermarkets in Chengdu (Sichuan Province) and saw thay are running quite a few promotional demonstrations for various products.

Last week we spotted a demonstration of how to use the Joyoung Juice Blender on the supermarket floor. These types of kitchen appliances are not very common in usual Chinese households thus companies need to educate their consumers about how to use their product.

The best way to educate them is to run a product demonstration in the supermarket, and of course offer samples in this case it was free juice!   A strong POS Display booth is something to also keep in mind when planning your promotions.

Joyoung Juice Blender - Promotional Demonstration

The picture above shows the stand display of the Juice Blender brand “Joyoung”. Usually products being demonstrated in supermarkets are offered at a rebate in order to attract consumers.

This type of product demonstration is key in order to penetrate the Chinese market, especially if your company is trying to sell foreign/western products to Chinese consumers. By demonstrating the product new consumers will understand better the purpose of owning the product. A sales staff from the supermarket was making fresh juice using the Joyoung Juice Blender.

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