Bacardi is using a plastic portable bag to package their Bacardi Breezer individual drinks. This packaging was spotted at Carrefour in Chengdu, China. By using a plastic see through bag as packaging, the brand manages to offer their products in a fun and practical way. Consumers can easily spot the product on the supermarket shelf as it stands out from other products on display. This kind of plastic bag can be used repeatedly for outdoor activities or for picnics.

Bacardi Breezer Promotional Packaging

A great way for Bacardi Rum to offer several different flavored drinks of the Breezer product line to Chinese customers, who are not familiar with such beverages. By choosing a see through packaging method, flashy color of the alcoholic beverage is still visible to the consumer, attracting their attention.

Packaging for alcoholic beverages can be a great way to run a promotion on a new brand or in order to penetrate a new market. This kind of packaging is easily customizable to match your brands requirements, in terms of size, color, logo print and branding.

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