While walking through a shop in Australia we found this unique promotional packaging by the rum brand, Bacardi. Bacardi were selling these rum gift packs in celebration for their long association with music.  The unique promotional packaging shaped as a boom-box is a great sales technique by Bacardi to make it an eye-catching product.


Casa Bacardi Boom Box

Unique promotional packaging by Bacardi

Unique promotional packaging by Bacardi

According to  Pedro Santos, Bacardi Global Travel Retail marketing manager on dfnionline.com, “As the story of the Rum of the Bat illustrates, there are very few brands with as rich a heritage as Bacardi. It makes sense then that we should capture elements of our magnificent history in stand-out, disruptive packs that will drive shoppers to the rum fixture. ”

Bacardi were promoting their product by selling their product with unique promotional packaging. The Casa Bacardi Boom-Box was made in celebration due to their long association with music. The packaging does not only look like a boom-box but also functions as a boom-box. By plugging in your MP3 player you transform it into a portable music system.


Unique promotional packaging as sales technique

For companies that want to increase their brand identity with minimum costs, consider the example of Bacardi selling their products with unique promotional packaging. Between all the liquor competitors it is a great way to make your product more attractive to customers by having eye-catching packaging. In the end your product will become more unique and more appealing to the customers, which will result in an increase of sales. 


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