During a business trip to Sydney, we stumbled across the following branded furniture. It may not look like much but as you can see it will attract your attention when walking through this street. Read below to find out why branded furniture helps not only you but also your customers.


The advantage of using branded furniture

branded furniture

branded furniture

This small coffee shop in Sydney is using branded furniture from Adore, an Australian coffee brand. Using branded furniture will not only be an advantage for the brand but also for the coffee shop and the customers. The brand is clearly recognisable for everyone passing by the store. The coffee shop itself benefits from the furniture, usually because it is offered for free or a discounted price. Especially for start-ups, they do not need a big budget to make a nice terrace outside of their shop. The customers also benefit from the furniture, since it will protect them from all the elements. The large umbrella will protect the customer from the sun. Also, the side panels will protect the customer from the wind.


Make your own branded furniture

Large alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies are well-known for their branded furniture. Branded furniture can be seen as a large billboard for companies. When looking at the umbrella, it clearly displays the name of the brand as well as their slogan. The side panels has a good clear graphic, they also display the name and logo of the brand very well. The long life-cycle of furniture makes it the ideal promotional product to increase brand awareness.


If you are interested in branded furniture or other promotional products, please do not hesitate to contact us or our sister company Mindsparkz for bespoke furniture.