Following our recent post on Harbor Bay Club promo, 24 Hour Fitness is also driving sales by giving away promotional merchandise!  This fitness center is definitely offering much more than a lot of its competition.

How will you spur clients to sign up for your gym – Time to Target those New Years Resolution Promotions.

Promotional Merchandise With Sign Up: 24 Hour Fitness

Promotional Merchandise With Sign Up: 24 Hour Fitness

Sign up now and you get 2 towels, mp3 player, water bottle, T-shirt and a shoe bag. With all these promotional products that allows one to kick start a healthy lifestyle, it encourages more people to be a member!

However, we feel that this promotional Merchandise could be more effective with the addition or a travel/drawstring bag! This would allow customers to put everything together, making it a perfect on pack gift.

If you love this product just as we do, then we would love to offer you our diverse group of designers and sales staff to create you and your company the perfect promotional merchandise. So get in touch today for a quote and we will help you build the perfect promotion.

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