Moet & Chandon offers a brand new outdoor gift set. The brand runs their newest summer promo campaign at various Duty Free stores in Hong Kong.

Moet & Chandon, a fine winery brand, loves to offer their customers eclectic promotions. Their recent promo gift includes customized premium glasses and bags. If a customer buys two bottles of Moet & Chandon”s champagne or wine, this automatically entitles the customer the free glasses and one custom promotional bag.

MOET & Chandon Summer Promo Outdoor Gift Set

MOET & Chandon Summer Promo Outdoor Gift Set

Summer Promo: Custom Glasses and Bag as Gift with Purchase

The marketing team of this brand gave this marketing campaign a lot of thought. Everything goes really well with the brand’s classy vibe. The color of the glasses matches perfectly with the color of the bottles and the bags. Designs look very luxurious and expensive. Overall, the whole feel of the ensemble leaves a good impression on the brand.

Why do we like Moet and Chandon’s Summer Promos?

  • Practical – You might want to have these glasses as they attract customers easily. Customers love these promotional items because they are useful. Also, these glasses look stunning yet durable. Yes, these glasses don’t easily shatter like their pure glass counterparts. Therefore, these items are really practical and will surely make waves in the marketing industry.
  • Branded – This big bag and round glasses bring a lot of area for branding. Hence, making promotion easier and the brand gets recognized fast. Check out another sample of promo glasses. These glasses also provide a good area for branding.


In conclusion, whether or not you like promotional glasses and bag, you need to admit that this campaign is awesome. It brings the traction that the brand needs.

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