Moet and Chandon currently have an amazing promotion! What really caught our attention is their beautifully branded merch. With the purchase of 2 regular size Ice Imperial Champagne bottles, they are giving away a stunning custom promotional glass as well as two flutes of Ice Imperial champagne as a free gift!

branded merchandise design

branded merchandise design

Why Moet and Chandon have got their branded merch right!

  • Design – Moet and Chandon have done an amazing job in preventing the glass from looking cheap. They’ve adopted a very simple design but have managed to make it stand out from their competitors by making the glass opaque. In addition, the pastel colours of their promotional branded glass are soothing to the eye which is very enticing to customers.
  • Quality – Moet and Chandon are well known for producing high quality branded products! Therefore the delicate yet sturdy appearance of this characterful glass supports the luxurious image they maintain.
  • Versatility – The classy and sophisticated design of this glass not only makes it a glamorous gift giveaway between family members and couples, but it would also be perfect for upscale events and parties.
  • Innovation – This release by Moet and Chandon is ahead of the game! The Imperial Ice which is included is a unique champagne which is best served over ice. This creates an entirely new experience for their customers which they’ll surely love!


branded merchandise design

branded merchandise design

How the branded merch could be improved

  • As you can see, this merchandise display looks fairly standardised on the shelf. Furthermore, there are no bright colours or placements to catch customer attention. This may result in them overlooking the promotion.
  • Although the glass is clearly visible, the box completely covers the two free champagne flutes so some customers may feel that they are being deceived. This is because the size of the flutes could potentially be quite small. Resulting in possibly deterring them from the promotion.
  • The promotion itself is very subtle. This is because it only says there is a free gift on one small label which may lead to customers missing it altogether! Moet and Chandon could improve their visibility by making installations such as creative LED displays.


How ODM could help you create your own branded merch!

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