On-pack gifts have always been a part of many promotional campaigns. The efficacy of the strategy makes it one of the widely used marketing tactics in retail stores. And Black Hound’s on-pack promotion is a great example. The whiskey brand offers a custom promotional glass as a gift with purchase.

Ideal Marketing: Custom Promotional Glass As An On Pack Gift

Ideal Marketing: Custom Promotional Glass As An On Pack Gift

On Pack Giveaway: Custom Promotional Glass

These promotional glasses make a great marketing giveaway for the brand. Brands should customise it with their logo, brand name, and design. With Black Hound’s glasses, they have printed their logos on the sides making it visible when in use. Also, they’re giving away not just one but two glasses

Why Do We Love This Custom Promotional Glass?

  • Customisable – Glass is easy to customise, therefore, it makes it the best material to use for drink promotions. One could print their logos on the sides, just like what Black Hound did, or turn the clear glass into colourful opaque hues to further accentuate the brand’s logos. It really depends on how creative you may get.
  • Cost – Effective – The brand uses an easy to source material hence the affordability. But if you’d like to exude in elegance and luxury, by all means, use a more expensive type of material. Because strategies differ from one another as well as the marketing budget. Please feel free to speak with our product designers to know more.
  • Product Relevance – It is not enough that you have a promotional item and that you’re off to marketing success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. A great promotional product should bring coherence to the brand and product. For example, Black Hound’s product is whiskey so it is just right to use custom glasses as their promotional gift. If you’d like to see another great example, check out the link below.

Overall, we can firmly say that this custom promotional glass is proven to be effective in marketing the brand.

So, if you would like to create your own set, please feel free to contact the ODM team anytime. We have product designers and merchandisers ready to assist you. Our team will help design, source, and manufacture promotional products for your business.


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