Sharp’s Brewery’s latest marketing campaign is one that is offering a GWP Beer Glass as a giveaway item. This promo beer glass is helping the brand gain traction in sales as it heightens brand visibility! Gift with purchase as your promotional method will totally create buzz within the busy retail environment as shoppers love to get freebies.

gwp beer glass

gwp beer glass

People can celebrate the end of the week with Doom Bar Amber Ale and their branded beer glass. This certainly creates a positive brand remembrance!

gwp beer glass

gwp beer glass

What Makes The GWP Beer Glass So Attractive?

  • Simple – Sometimes a simple and straightforward design is key to getting your message across.  If you have some leftover marketing budget, why not consider adding a custom coaster  too?
  • Limited Edition – Often a limited edition item motivates people to get it before it goes out of stock. And due to the fear of missing out, shoppers will certainly be compelled to get the products before it’s too late. Therefore, the more scarce and unique a product is, the more highly wanted it becomes. So people will be tempted to grasp hold of the product regardless of whether they really need it.
  • Higher Perceived Value – Compared to a brand that does not have any ongoing promotions, customers who are not brand conscious will have the tendency to try other brands offering a better deal. This is because products have higher perceived value and customers will think it will be more worthy of their money.


Ways to Improve Your Promotions

  • Spice Up Your Bottle Packaging – Brands could perhaps learn from Bollinger champagne bottle packaging design that certainly catches the attention of many at first glance. Aesthetics is definitely important in expanding the customer base. See it here:


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