Unilever is one of the world’s most prominent consumer goods brands, with more than 40 brands and hundreds of products. This promotional carry bag includes items from two of Unilever’s most popular brands – Dove and Clear. The result is a practical and visually appealing item which stands out on the shelf.

Promotional Carry Bag

Promotional Carry Bag

Why this promotional carry bag works:

Materials: Unilever uses plastic in their promo carry bag. This is a point of difference from other promotional products, which tend to be made from cardboard. The white tinted plastic stands out from other plastic products while still showcasing both products fully.

Practical: The silver rope ties in well with the design and allows shoppers to easily carry the set around.

Broad appeal: The display includes shampoos from both Clear’s male and female-targeted ranges. This broadens the audience for the branded combo set, increasing Unilever’s profits.

Transparent packaging: The clear promotional carry bag also highlights the fact that shoppers will receive two full-sized products. Often, a multipack offer will give away one smaller item as a gift with purchase or group two ‘mini’ products together. Unilever’s choice of packaging makes customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth with this promotion.

Reusable: Promo or reflective bags can be used many times, making them an eco-friendly option.

Branding: This promotional carry bag places the Unilever brand front and center. Unilever’s logo is visually appealing and looks great in white against the plastic. All in all, the branding here is subtle as customers are likely to recognize Dove and Clear first, being that these are the products Unilever focuses on advertising. The Unilever logos pulls it together whilst increasing their brand recognition as well.

Design: The packaging features pale pink flowers amidst vibrant orange birds of paradise. The flowers appear diagonally, in the top right and bottom left-hand corners. These add interest to the design without overpowering it or detracting from the products on display.

How can a promotional carry bag benefit your brand?

A promotional carry bag ensures that your product will stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf. Don’t underestimate the value of creative custom packaging.

Value: Being offered two products together instantly connects to notions of value. People may even spend more on your product for a ‘free gift’ instead of buying from a cheaper competitor.

Loyalty: Brands giving away items creates a sense of loyalty. Customers will feel appreciated by this.

Promotional Carry Bag

Promotional Carry Bag

Unilever’s logo reminds us of a QR code. These are very popular in Asia, and a great way for brands to link to relevant content.

Here’s another QR code gift idea:

For Unilever, this promotional gift set has the ability to raise the brand image of both Dove and Clear. People who use one of these products but not the other will be attracted to the set the notion of value. The result is Dove fans also becoming loyal Clear customers and vice versa.

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