Unilever is one of the world’s leading producers of food, household and personal care products, with a great number of brands under its umbrella.

Here is their recent promotional product campaign in the Shanghai, China.  They are offering free promotional gifts with purchase to promote shampoo and conditioner product lines.

When a consumer purchases more than RMB 88 (US$13.4) of Unilever‘s haircare products, they will receive a free foldable wheeled shopping bag.  This is advertised through the use of a basic Shelf Talker.

This is a convenient and useful gift likely to be reused on numerous occasions, especially now that most retailers make you pay for the plastic bags to transport your groceries. Maybe Unilever should also mention the environmentally-friendly advantage of such promotion,  the reusable gift likely supplanting many plastic bags in the future, thus preventing unnecessary waste.  Stronger branding would also add to the value of this campaign for Unilever.

Existing in several kind of different materials such as nonwoven, polyester, cotton, nylon, plastic etc.. foldable wheeled shopping bags are cheap to manufacture and provide a seizable area to print logo or other advertising messages.

They can also save clients quite a lot of energy whilst transporting shopping.

The gift is both useful to the consumer and inexpensive to the firm. ODM can help you find similar products for your next promotional success, please do not wait to contact us.

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