Promotional Gift Idea – Custom QR Code Pens

Everyday we often say the phrase, ‘why can’t I find a pen when I need one?’, so as a new promotional gift idea why not use this pen with an added QR code to promote your brand?

Pens are a very popular choice as a promotional give-away item, but why not make this promo pen more unique by adding a QR Code for people to gain easier access to your company information?

Promotional Gift Idea - Custom QR Code Pens

Promotional Gift Idea – Custom QR Code Pens

The grip of the pen can be manufactured to include the square-shaped QR code and these codes can be branded to show your company name and number.

What makes this a very innovative marketing idea is that the code on the pen can be scanned using a smartphone to access a company’s website, thereby saving people time trying to search for any information on the company online.

These pens also have a stylish design and come in metallic-looking colors for a sleek appearance. As a promotional gift idea, they could be handed out during events, handed out to clients, great for office use, and during meetings to promote your brand when you get visitors.


Why Does this QR Code Pen Make a Good Promotional Gift Idea?

  • Practical. Promotional pens have great value because they are so useful, especially when you need to jot something down quickly. If the pen is branded anyone who uses the branded promotional pen will see your company branding and will eventually remember your brand.
  • Brand Exposure. Pens can be handed out and used in so many different places as freebies. This way, many different people will be exposed to your brand. This is very effective in creating impact especially since many people have pens hanging around. Your promotional pen could end up on employees’ desks, kitchen, car dashboard, and inside the bags of your target market.
  • Increases Online Presence. Smart. That is how we describe this product. With people spending more time on their smartphones and social media, this product is a clever way to make your website easily accessible to many people. Just by scanning the code, customers are brought to the website. This is so important, especially whenever customers have questions, suggestions, and complaints about the products that they have just purchased. Being accessible and transparent gives your company more credibility.
  • Protects Consumers. Have you ever bought a product only to realize that it is past the expiration date? Do you have complaints regarding the clothes or food you ordered online? This is where a QR code pen comes in. With this pen, customers can have quick access to the company website in just a few seconds. so even when they forgot the name of the company, if they have the pen beside them, they can always contact them right away.


Bringing it All Together

Promotional pens can be designed in so many different ways, and this QR Code pen is a great promotional gift idea to increase brand awareness. If you are looking to design your own, please feel free to contact us here at ODM and quote product number ODM-1073 and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you brainstorm and create great product ideas.

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