Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. This can only mean one thing, holiday season is falling upon us fast and whether you are visiting the beach or going exploring there is a definite need for these promotional accessories.

No matter where you are going or what you are doing, with such heat and beautiful weather you don’t want to be fully covered up protecting yourself and not feeling the sun you’ve longed for all winter. However with this weather there is only one small, itchy, problem… Mosquitoes and their hideous bites.

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellent

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellent

Mosquitoes do not only cause problems related to itching and discomfort. Certain areas around the world such as south America and Africa have a problem with Mosquitoes spreading Malaria. Here is an a useful map by Global Malaria Mapper showing global risk of the disease across the world.


Prevent Mosquito Bites In The Sun With These Genius Promotional Accessories:

Here is a range of mosquito repelling promotional accessories to keep you safe during the day or night. Even when it is wet or dry these products are perfect for protecting the wearer.

Mosquito Repellant Clip Band

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellent

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellents

This mosquito repellent clip band is easy to wear and offers all round protection in dry weather.  It has a stylish and customisable design that can be easily clipped around the wrist to maximise brand interaction.

Mosquito Repellant Waterproof Band

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellent

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellents

These are waterproof bands, perfect for summers by the sea and pool where the most skin exposed to mosquitoes. They offer all round protection and do not stop working when wet. They come in both a blue and orange colours.  However unlike  the dry mosquito repellent band, these waterproof ones need the repellent oil added manually.

Portable Mosquito Net

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellents

Promotional Accessories for Summer: Mosquitoes repellents

Whether you plan on camping outside or just staying in some accommodation this portable net is perfect for keeping you protected during the night or when you are just relaxing.


How These Promotional  Accessories for Summer Can Suit Your Company:

  • Design – With a variance in products that can have a range of designs, these promotional accessories can suit any companies preference of design to protect their customers while they’re on holiday.
  • Life Saving –  Not only are these promo accessories stylish and useful for protecting you against irritating bites, they can be life savers in the more dangerous areas of the world where malaria is at a high risk.
  • Companies – These can be perfect for health and travel associated companies such as Thompson and the World Heath Organisation. These products cannot only provide safety for customers but it can also promote their ethical and caring stand point.
  • Portable – All the products are small and easily transportable to keep the mosquito protection simple for all. This means that your branding and promotion is also easily transportable; sharing your company name to everyone around the world.
  • High Risk countries – Using this promotional accessory to native people of the high risk countries will not only protect them in everyday life but will increase the brand acknowledgement in those countries. It will also associate your brand with protecting them and keeping them safe from malaria.

ODM think these are such useful products and can even save many lives. If you are interested in promoting your company or manufacturing in China contact us today. We also have a creative and diverse design team called Mindsparkz that can develop your next big idea.

If you like this particular product please reference ODM – 3759 when speaking to someone from our sales and marketing team.

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