Ever imagined including a mosquito clicker as part of your summer promotions?

Simple, cheap and really practical promo item that will definitely grab your customer´s attention and retain them.

How many times we have gone on holidays and got irritated from mosquito bites? This item is the perfect solution and customers will really appreciate and value your gift since it is a product that will provide them a solution.

Mosquito clicker as a summer promotion

Mosquito clicker as a summer promotion

How does this mosquito clicker work?

Hold the device like a syringe and position the narrow end on the bite. Press the button a few times. The number of clicks will differ according to the result required.

4 to 5 clicks will treat itching and 5-10 times will prevent swelling .

This promotional item will be something really unique for your customers, especially when they travel during summers.

Packaging options for your mosquito clicker

Normally this practical item will come in a blister card which can be customized according to your printing requirements.

Mosquito clicker as a summer promotion

Mosquito clicker as a summer promotion

They say that packaging can always increase the value of the product offered. Why not look for something exclusive? Get our design team to brainstorm different packaging options which will catch people´s attention!

You can even use a color box or go as cheap as possible by choosing the poly bag option.

In order to be able to export this item around Europe, medical testing and certification will be required to make sure the product comply with all european medical standards.

This medical promo gift can be used within on pack promotions where customers will actually surprise themselves with such a cracker of a gift!

 Mosquito clicker as summer promotion

Mosquito clicker as summer promotion

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