Approximately every 6 out of 10 people need Glasses, Contact lenses or correctional eye surgery. This creates a huge market for those to help and an even bigger potential market to introduce more convenient solutes. Opti-Free is offering a great and unique promotional solution to the optical industry. This gift creates convenience for anyone who has the daily struggles of applying contact lenses to their eyes.

Promotional Solution For The Optical Industry

Promotional Solution For The Optical Industry


According to the Vision Council of America, 4 billion adults in the world need glasses. About 75 percent of the adult population worldwide uses vision correction products. This means that for promotional products like this on pack promotion, 75% of those with sight problems may find it an attractive purchase.


Promotional Solution For The Optical Industry

Promotional Solution For The Optical Industry


What we like about this promotional solution:

  • Multipurpose – Not only containing a contact lens case to store lens’s in the solution purchased, it also offers a mirror for convenient application to the eye as well as some tweezers to pick up and hold the contact len’s themselves.


  • Brand Application – Due to it’s small and conveniently sized shape, this GWP subtly provides brand exposure while looking good and useful for all those that use it.


  • Large Market – Like the vision council of America have stated, 4 billion people need glasses and therefore the majority of them use other means such as contact lenses and sight correction surgery. Therefore the number of people that go for contact lenses means that this marketing gift can make a product go from interesting to sold very quickly, as they need the solution either way.


ODM offer a great range of promotional solutions, be it big or small to suit any company. With huge team of creative designers, sales people and merchandisers we can offer you the best product to go with your company and brand. Contact us today and get your solution started.


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