GWP Covermount – Promotional Gift

This Promotional Gift was seen in Paris last month as a gift with purchase to a monthly magazine.  A mosquito gun gives you an advantage over the mosquitoes since you can target them from a distance thus increasing your chances of success.

What other inventions have you seen that can help for fighting Mosquitos?   We are always looking for new solutions here in Hong Kong.

The mosquito gun is a gadget that has a great utility for people living in mosquito or insect prone areas.  It is a unique GWP and clients will really see the value in getting such a gift…

Too many times have you been to bed, turned off the lights and started to hear the annoying buzzing of insects coming close to your ears. Other moments of frustration are when you try to squash insects with your hand only to find the insect has vanished at the last moment.   This product is spring loaded so it allows you to kill them at a distance.

Another product to fight insects is this tennis racket shape gizmo – delivering a small electric shock, enough to zap insects instantly. With this product individuals will no longer have to try to kill insects with their bare hands. All they need to do is just swing the racket, they will find this product much more efficient to help them get rid of all types of insects.

As the summer months are coming soon these types of products will be increasingly useful in order to prevent bug bites. The insect tennis racket is greatly efficient for tropical or humid countries. It can be used indoors or outdoors at any moment of the day. The electric shock is so small that it will not harm human beings thus there is no danger for your company to offer this product to consumers.

The mosquito gun is the cheapest alternative and could be offered as a giveaway product with a can of repellent for example. Consumers may be attracted to this type of promotional gift as it could attract their attention as they perceive the brand offering the mosquito gun as a more fun and an original gift. On the other hand the insect tennis racket is a more expensive product and could be bundled more premium items.

Allow us to help you help your customers eliminate insects by assisting you on the design of your original insect killing tool.   We can tool and mould up these in different shapes for your mascot or logo.

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