ODM staff bought a new camera last week while shopping around Tsim Sha Tsui, picking up a whopping 9 promo gifts in the process…..

Wandering through the various shops and collecting information, we finally decided to purchase the Panasonic model DMC- G2.   Trying to improve  pricing for the camera, the salesman proposed multiple gifts with purchase starting with an offer of free tripod, memory card and a camera bag. Not entirely convinced by the pricing yet, we asked for a better bargain.  Not only did the salesperson improve the pricing offer, but he brought the concept of gift with purchase to a whole new level. Our lucky employee walked out of the store with:

  • DMC-G2 Camera
  • 2 different camera tripods
  • Camera bag
  • 8GB memory card
  • Protective camera lenses
  • Air purifier
  • Hello Kitty Mug
  • bath Mat Hello Kitty
  • Hello Kitty grocery bag

Some items offered with the Camera as gifts

Although memory cards or camera bags are commonly offered as part of a promotional offer when purchasing a camera or camcorder, receiving an air purifier or a bath mat was much more surprising! Something you might not find everywhere.

This once again proves the power of promotional campaign and more precisely of gift with purchase. An effective way to showcase large panel of product offering not always related to the initial purchase.

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