True to their goal of providing high quality men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, Jack Wills is currently offering a beanie and toiletry promotional gift set.  Found at a shopping store in UK, this marketing strategy is a good example of utilising on-pack promotions to rake in more sales. This move also gave their line of body wash a sales boost.


Promotional Gift Set

Promotional Gift Set

In today’s competitive world of business, it is important that your company markets its products correctly in order to get ahead of the competition. One way to keep up with the hectic competition is through effective use of promotional items and exploring various brand packaging designJack Wills succeeded in these areas.


Why We Love This Promotional Gift Set


Beanies, caps, and hats are all marketer’s favorite promotional items because of their practical value and customizability. They can be worn for a casual day out, at school, or at work, and this greatly increases brand visibility beyond store walls.

Touching on the point of practicality, Jack Wills was clever in making use of a beanie in the gift set, as customers would have a great use for it. Beanies are great for cold weather and can also be used as branded corporate gift! With its ability to keep its users warm, it also makes for a great Christmas promo gift.

As customer giveaways, they are cost-effective and they really work well with different industries such as cosmetics, fashion, magazine publications, and even drinks. 


We also love the packaging that Jack Will used. The packaging has a simple yet classy design, making it attractive but at the same time not jarring to the eye. If your company is looking for such classy designs, our designers at Mindsparkz will certainly be able to achieve such packaging designs! Feel free to send in an inquiry at our contact page!

We like how they kept their custom packaging design simple and classy with neutral colors. The sturdy molded plastic packaging also kept the products securely in place. The durability of the packaging also kept the items in good quality condition. If you are interested in having premium packaging and custom gift box, contact us today. We have direct contact with gift box factories in China and Vietnam.

One example of a boxed gift set would be this L’Oreal men gift pack. They effectively incorporated all the features mentioned above, which is why customers love this one so much!


Want to use this strategy for your own business? Here’s what you need to know:


So, why would a promotional gift set be an effective marketing tool?

  • Value-add: Using a promotional gift set is effective, as it gives customers a value-add, and also acts as an in pack offer. Customers would find this gift set a great deal because they see additional value in their purchase because they get two products for a more affordable price.
  • Practicality: Having a boxed gift set would also allow you to choose additional products that will go into the pack. Practical products appeal to customers because they can help improve their personal life. Speaking of practical gift packs, below is an great example of a gift pack geared towards male customers. We can learn a lot from this grooming kit- from the way it’s packaged to the products included in the set. Read it here:

  • Customization: Another benefit of a promotional gift set would be customization. The gift set packaging can be customized to suit different demands. Furthermore, a customized packaging would appeal more to customers, as they will perceive the product to be more classy. 


Promotional Gift Set

Promotional Gift Set


Possible Improvement

Jack Wills, may have marketed their products well with their promotional gift set, but there is still room for improvement to further accelerate their sales.

  • Colour: Jack Will could have added in more colours into their gift set, to make their product more vibrant. This would help to garner more attention for their gift set, as potential customers would be able to spot the set from further away, therefore bringing attention to the product.

Using promotional gift offers would no doubt help to improve sales and bring attention to your brand. It is also necessary to pay attention to your packaging and labeling. So, if you need help designing custom retail packaging and promotional products, speak with us.

Would your company benefit from a promotional gift set? If so, feel free to contact us! Here at The ODM Group, we specialize in manufacturing promotional products and merchandising! So, you can be sure that your next project will be in safe hands with us!


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