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Custom Gift Box Factory – Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Packaging is undeniably one of the most significant aspects of marketing. Working with a trusted gift box factory ensures that your custom gift packaging is done according to your requirements.

Oreo, a successful cookie brand, came up with an exciting packaging idea and was able to create a unique and outstanding mooncake box. It became a massive hit for the Mid-Autumn Festival in China this year.*

Custom Gift Box Factory - Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Custom Gift Box Factory – Oreo Mooncake Packaging

*A mooncake is a Chinese pastry that’s traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival and made round to resemble the moon. Mooncakes are as relevant to festivities in China as turkey is to Thanksgiving in the US. There are many flavors, but the most famous is the classic Cantonese – a soft pastry filled with sweet lotus seed paste and savory salted duck egg yolk.

Aside from using their usual simple packaging, Oreo developed a unique and elegant design this time around. The brand used a high-quality cardboard box, and each one contained four cakes of different flavors. These too were stored individually in brightly colored mini boxes.

Custom Gift Box Factory - Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Custom Gift Box Factory – Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Evidently, the print on the cover is of superb quality. Here are the printing techniques they used for their gift box:

  • Spot varnish for a full-color print of the cakes and brand name;
  • Matte foil print goes to the moon/arc-like shape pop;
  • Decorative blind embossing for the area around the moon;
  • Glossy foil stamping for the rabbits and stars print to complete the whole ensemble; and
  • Digital printing for the vibrant background.

Another distinctive feature of this package is the Polypropylene Trays. Oreo utilized an excellent mould for this tray to secure the mini boxes in place. It’s pretty obvious that the brand brought their A-game for this custom gift box.

Custom Gift Box Factory - Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Custom Gift Box Factory – Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Why do we think that Oreo’s custom mooncake packaging is a great idea?

  • Design Appeal. We can confidently say that the wrapping makes the Oreo products stand out. Having this kind of packaging helps motivate customers to make a purchase. Thus, customizing the box is really important.
  • Stimulate sales. Great packaging can affect one’s buying decision. Consumers tend to get products in beautiful packages. It can assist, therefore, in developing brand awareness and stimulating sales.
  • Product Protection. The main point of having excellent packaging is securing the goods. When your merchandise is well-packaged, customers see this as a guarantee of quality.
  • Gift-Ready. Obviously, this is perfect for the Golden Week Holidays in China. The well-designed box emits a refined aura that resonates with the Chinese market.
  • Brand Awareness. Oreo uses their signature blue hue on the boxes. As a cookie fan, with just one look, you’ll immediately recognize the brand color, hence making the packaging great for promotion and brand exposure.
Custom Gift Box Factory - Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Custom Gift Box Factory – Oreo Mooncake Packaging

Here at ODM, we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality packaging design to our clients. The product designers work closely with our preferred gift box factory to ensure you’re getting the right packaging for your brand. Contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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