Oreo is a popular cookie brand worldwide. In fact, it holds quite a huge market in mainland China. Hence, the known cookie brand offers a great mug promotion across the country. They offer a branded mug as their on pack offer.

The mechanics of this promotion is quite simple. Customers purchase a three-pack Oreo that comes with the mug promotion. Indeed, the simplicity of the promotion makes it more attractive.

Mug Promotion

These promotional printed mugs are really attractive to customers. Oreo assures that their mugs follow a strict quality protocol. This means that we, as consumers, are assured of getting high-quality gift items.


Oreo Wows Its Customers With Their Mug Promotion

Oreo Wows Its Customers With Their Mug Promotion

The mug boasts the unique brand colors of Oreo. This easily reminds customers of the brand which is really beneficial for Oreo. The brand name is printed on both sides of the mug. As a result, this increases its brand awareness to its customers. In conclusion, having the product in this color definitely promotes brand recall.


Oreo Wows Its Customers With Their Mug Promotion

Oreo Wows Its Customers With Their Mug Promotion

Why do we love this Mug Promotion from Oreo?

Aside from the fact that the Oreo’s cookies are so good, we also love its promotion

  • Useful – First of all, this custom ceramic mug is useful. It goes really well with Oreo’s products. As mentioned, the brand makes superb cookies. Therefore, doing a mug promotion is pretty strategic for Oreo. Because who doesn’t love cookies and milk?
  • Customizable – Creating a mug is easy. But designing your own mug to perfectly relate to your brand is way easier. We live in a technology-savvy world and customizing has ever been so easy. All you need is a good design and voila! you earn yourself a good promotional item. Well, if you need help in design, our team at ODM are always ready to help you with any marketing and manufacturing queries. In fact, contact them now and they can discuss any probabilities with your brand.

Well, if you’re not totally convinced of Oreo’s mug promotion, you might want to see these ceramic mug designs. Click on the link below

Overall, we feel that this promotion will greatly help your marketing campaign. It is cheap to produce and easy to market.

Should you want to know more, please contact us with any questions or queries. Our dedicated team is always ready to handle all your marketing queries.

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What is an on-pack promotion?

This is when the promotion is included in the packaging with the aim to entice buyers and encourage impulse purchases.

Why do you need an on-pack promotion?

This makes you stand out from other competitors in the retail market and it encourages impulse buying as the consumer feels like they have something to gain by purchasing your product.