San Miguel‘s beer glass giveaway is one that shouldn’t be missed! Branded with its signature logo and creative design, it is taking the attention away from competitors. With a gift with purchase, it can cultivate customer retention as it provides shoppers with an extra incentive to buy. Moreover, the gold color used symbolizes grandeur and classiness to customers. With more than a millennium worth of brand recognition, San Miguel is constantly thinking of new ways to impress customers with their marketing tactics.

beer glass giveaway

beer glass giveaway

Why We Love This Beer Glass Giveaway Marketing Campaign?

  • Highly Personalized – Product differentiation generates more sales as products exceed customer’s expectations. With their logo and other related information branded on the custom beer glass, consumers will certainly become more interested in what other marketing campaigns San Miguel have in store for shoppers.
  • Greater Perceived Value – With added value and designs crafted to stand out from the crowd, there is a stronger competitive advantage. Other way brands can bring in attention would be to use a classy bespoke display or an unconventional custom designed packaging. A great example would be from Bollinger:
  • Brand Recognition – By constantly thinking of new ways to engage with customers, it will push for positive brand awareness. All the strategies taken will only encourage purchases. When customers are satisfied, they will be on top of shoppers’ mind, building brand recall. Hence, it will not only promote brand loyalty but also inspire word-of-mouth advertising.


Other Promotional Methods By San Miguel

  • Branded Tote Bag GWP  –  Promotional bags are versatile and practical which is well used for this marketing campaign. One will surely never get sick of bags!
  • Drinks Advertising Products – This is an innovative product idea that is well fitted for the brand. A simple yet thoughtful promotional gift suitable for corporate parties.
  • Lighter Giveaways – Lighters as a promotional giveaway are targeted to a niche customer base. Moreover, it can easily spread awareness to a group of smokers in a club or pub.
  • Instant Prize Promotion – Several prizes can be put out in this contest giveaway which can attract many customer segments.


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