When customers go into shops the first thing they will usually see is the drinks aisle, and this makes this area a great way to effectively market your advertising products. In this promotion, San Miguel beer are using the drinks fridge window to market their promotion in this Circle K Store.

Drinks Advertising Products - San Miguel Beer Marker

Drinks Advertising Products – San Miguel Beer Marker

The beer industry is already very saturated and it can be hard to create interesting promo’s. San Miguel are giving away free promotional wrist brands classed as ‘beer markers’ with the purchase of their San Mig Light beer. Each band is available in 8 different colours featuring the same slogan ‘Life. Best Served Light’.

When used as beer markers, they can be put over the persons beer can to signify that specific can of beer is theirs, meaning no fights over who still has more beer in their can!

Why are advertising products such as these beer markers effective in your brands marketing?

  • Increase product profile. Having a promotion on one specific product is effective in increasing the sales of that one product. Advertising products such as these beer markers are an effective way to increase the sales of an item that is new on the market, or is perhaps not selling too well.By providing an incentive promo gift it can act as an incentive to make people aware of this specific product and will make people more inclined to try it, especially if offered as a purchase gift like this, or an on pack promo.
  • Fun. Using these wristbands are fun and unique. Arguments can occur if someone chooses your beer and drinks from it by mistake, and therefore these bands are functional and practical!
  • Design. These beer markers are an easy and inexpensive way to market your brand. They can be custom coloured and designed with your brand logo and design using silicone material. They are also unique and eye-catching because of the array of colours, meaning more people are likely to notice them, increasing your brand awareness.

These beer markers will make great promotional ideas for use at festivals, parties, sporting seasons, or for use at home! If interested in creating your own, feel free to contact the ODM Group to start planning your promo product ideas.
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