Spring is upon us and it’s only going to get better! Summer promotions, warm weather and barbecues are to be had. The only downside is for most countries the warm weather can only mean one thing; hot, dry air that can leave your skin feeling cracked and your eyes feeling dry. Not to mention it provokes allergies and general dry coughs.

Summer Promotions - USB Humidifier

Summer Promotions – USB Humidifier

These Ultrasonic humidifiers work by creating micro-fine water droplets that are forced into the air. They can also function as sterilizing unit, removing static electricity and reduce radiation.

This fantastic summer promotion of a USB humidifier, has huge potential in offices and bedrooms a like. Whether you’re in the finance sector like Barclays or even a stay at home mum, these promotional products can be easily used in the office or at home, wherever there is a USB.


Summer Promotions Breakdown:

These promo items have a great selection of customisable designs as well as features that not only suit your company and it’s appearance but your targeted customers as well.

Donut Humidifier

Summer Promotions - USB Humidifier

Summer Promotions – USB Humidifier

Small and in three different colours; white, blue and pink these doughnut USB humidifiers look great floating in a glass of water while they humidify the air around you.


Crystal Nightlight Humidifier

Summer Promotions - USB Humidifier

Summer Promotions – USB Humidifier

Multifunctional and with a selection of colours, these humidifiers not only humidify the air around you, they can also act as a night light for those late nights in the office or for children who struggle to sleep in the dark.


Whale Humidifier

Summer Promotions - USB Humidifier

Summer Promotions – USB Humidifier

What wouldn’t be more perfect for a humidifier that floats in a glass than a whale. With a comical appearance, choice of blue and white colouring this is an all round great product that even releases the humid air from its blow hole.


Lotus Humidifier

Summer Promotions - USB Humidifier

Summer Promotions – USB Humidifier

For a more subtle approach that looks nice in the home, this lotus humidifier is perfect for a more modern appearance.


How Can These Summer Promotions Work With Your Brand

  • Multiple designs – With a great selection of designs, there is a range of endless possibilities to use in your next set of summer promotions. Each design also has a selection of colours that are easy to apply to your companies appearance and colour scheme. Finally depending on the chosen design there can be different methods and positions to place your logo.
  • Attention grabbing – These products range from being fun and comical to even stylish. With customisable designs that can be adapted to your company, it is very easy to catch the eye of customers and their friends. Using them in the office would be very effective, sitting on your desk and leaving passers by to question what it is you have plugged into your computer.
  • Easy to use – Everyone likes products that are simple and easy to use. With these humidifiers being USB based it is a case of simply plugging them into a computer, placing them in water and then letting them get on with producing humidity.
  • Targeted Customers – Such a choice of products means that these summer promotions can be used to target all different aged customers and tastes, allowing it to be applied to almost any industry.


At ODM we understand the importance of branding your company and satisfying your customers. If you are interested in these products feel free to contact us and quote the following product numbers to our sales team:

Doughnut Humidifier – 1094

House Humidifier – 1093

Whale Humidifier – 1092

Lotus Humidifier 1091


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