With a bold retro design, Thatchers’ branded combo pack has fantastic shelf appeal. Premium packaging and a gift with purchase are a sure fire way to heighten a product’s perceived value. Thatcher has done just that, improving their sales and brand image along the way.

Branded Combo Pack

Branded Combo Pack

What we love about this branded combo pack:

Emphasis on tradition: Thatcher’s branding is closely linked to the pack. “Family cider makers” and “Est. 1904” connote tradition and heritage. Being a family owned business in operation for over one century is a key point of difference. So, it is smart of Thatchers to emphasize these points. Also, Dartington has a high-quality brand image. Placing this logo on the box lets customers know that they’re receiving a premium gift.

Colors: The bright orange shade goes nicely with the cream tones of the gift box. This creates a fitting vintage feel for the product. Additionally, the lettering seen here is similar to letterpress. This manual printing style was popular throughout the Nineteenth Century and, when replicated, instantly creates a traditional look.

Design: The packaging design is simple, which works well. For instance, a mostly plain exterior with an orange interior looks great and makes the marketing gift set ‘pop’.

Materials: A sturdy, textured cardstock has been used for this branded combo pack. Cardboard is a low-cost option which is easy to customize. A plastic cover has been placed over the bottle to keep this in place.

Unique: The bold colors and visible gift are sure to attract the attention of shoppers. Thatcher’s branded combo pack has great shelf appeal.

What could Thatchers improve? The cardboard cutouts showcase both the Thatchers bottle and the drinks promo gift. This looks great, but one suggestion would be to swap the placement of these items. The Thatchers logo is almost identical to the label on the cider. As a result, this looks somewhat repetitive when placed directly next to one another.

Branded Combo Pack

Branded Combo Pack


How can a branded combo pack benefit your business?

While some would consider this item a ‘gift with purchase’, it’s worth examining what customers are paying – and what they’re getting.

The term ‘combo pack’ instantly links to an increased perceived value. A well-designed box and marketing gift encourage customers to pay £6 for a single cider. While standard at a bar, this is far more than customers would typically be willing to pay at a supermarket, especially for just one bottle.

This highlights just how effective a branded combo pack can be in enhancing sales. What would have been a regular grocery item becomes a special treat or present that shoppers will happily pay a premium price for.

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