To stand out from the crowd, The Macallan’s premium packaging design goes above and beyond, increasing the product’s perceived value.

The Macallan is the world’s second top-selling single whiskey distillery. Earlier this year, a 1926 vintage sold for a staggering one million USD at auction, making it the most expensive bottle of whiskey ever sold. It’s no wonder that The Macallan would choose to invest in a premium packaging design for their drinks.

Premium Packaging Design
Premium Packaging Design

Why Macallan’s premium packaging design stands out:

Relevant: The wooden barrels that The Macallan craft their whiskey in are important to the brand’s identity. This imagery features heavily in advertising as well. Therefore, it makes sense that this bespoke whiskey packaging features a wood texture.

Well-designed: The colours used have a sophisticated, high-quality look. Tradition is key to The Macallan’s brand. Brown, black and maroon shades remind shoppers of the whiskey barrels and dark wooden bars of yesteryear.

Targeted: The Macallan has identified that their customer appreciates tradition, and crafted their premium packaging design to best reach this group. The only image included is a simple sketch of a manor home with trees on either side. Beneath this reads ‘Est. 1824’.

Highlights heritage: Being in business for close to 200 years is an incredible achievement and one which the packaging rightfully features. The gold triangle on the maroon bottle also bears this message. These elements are etched on the boxes in gold foil which gives a high-end feel.

Premium: Wood accents are popular for a reason. These give a sense of authenticity to the packaging. Substitute materials are often used to create a high-end without forking out too much money. The Macallan’s box looks wooden but appears to be made from plastic.

Creative: Focusing on tradition certainly does not rule out innovative design. For instance, the Obscuro bottle comes in a cool black case. The geometric design contrasts nicely with the red box inside.  The Number 6’s custom whiskey packaging has understated leather straps on the bottom of the box. This simple feature conveys a heightened sense of luxury. Meanwhile, the glossy black custom gift box looks modern and fresh in a brand-appropriate way.

Premium Packaging Design
Premium Packaging Design

How premium packaging can benefit your brand:

Improved visibility: Custom drinks packaging design stands out ahead of competitors. This creates an initial point of contact with customers and leaves a lasting impression.

Awareness: Custom packaging is a visual interpretation of your message. Customers only need to see these boxes to see that The Macallan positions itself as a premium heritage brand. This alone is great advertising.

Uniqueness: Brands have seemingly endless options when it comes to packaging. Play around with texture, material and sizing. The options are endless! Above all, bear in mind what kind of packaging is a good match for your product and what your competitors are doing well.

Premium Packaging Design
Premium Packaging Design

Premium packaging design makes customers feel like a product’s price tag is worth it. This is true of liquor products where the liquid itself looks exactly like other brands. A marketing gift with purchase would also work well for this purpose.

The Macallan gets it right with their premium packaging design – ODM are here to make sure that your business will too! Feel free to place an inquiry today.

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