To promote their line of baby friendly washes, Malaysian brand Pureen is gifting customers promotional baby products with each product sold.

The on-pack offer  features three different items: Q-tips, baby powder and a washcloth. These gifts are well-matched to Pureen’s products and link nicely to the broader theme of bath-time for babies.

Useful Promo Item
Useful Promo Item

What does Pureen do well?

Targeting: Consider your target group and try to match the promotional gift to this group. In this case, Pureen is effectively reaching parents of babies and young children. Pureen have wisely selected promotional baby products as a promo item.

Value: The gifts are full-sized items which customers can use with Pureen’s washes. On-pack promos can improve brand image and generates loyalty among consumers.

Unique design: The bottle’s bright coloured packaging is distinctive. Pastel colours have calm and soothing connotations which fit the products well. The shape of the head to toe wash also resembles a bar of soap which is a nice touch.

Promotional Baby Products
Promotional Baby Products

What could Pureen improve?

Attachment: The complimentary promotional gift has been attached to Pureen’s products with plastic. This is not very visually appealing. Other brands have found success using a cardboard box to create the look of a gift set. Packaging design is important. While inexpensive, if done right customers will purchase your product ahead of competitors as it has a higher perceived value.

Placement: The placement of the promo gift obscures details about the product itself. On the pink bottle, the washcloth completely covers the Pureen logo. Customers shopping for young children will be very careful about selecting the safest and healthiest product available. As a result, this target audience will definitely want to read the label. The products hide the message about the wash being ‘gentle on eyes and skin’ and containing vitamins.

Sizing: I would suggest moving the promotional item to the side of the bottle so new customers can read the label and make an informed decision. Furthermore, developing a smaller sized package which showcases the promotional baby products would improve the first impression of shoppers.

Streamlining: Consider the fact that some shoppers may prefer one gift but usually buy a Pureen product which comes with a different item. Perhaps giving away just one form of promo item would streamline this promotion.

Promotional Baby Products
Promotional Baby Products

Why give customers promotional baby products?

Point of difference: An on-pack promotion ensures that your product will stand out on a crowded supermarket shelf.

Value: A promo item connects to notions of value. People may even spend more on your product for a ‘free gift’ instead of buying from a cheaper competitor.

Loyalty: A free promotional item generates a sense of loyalty from customers as they feel appreciated by your brand.

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