If your company is in the baby products industry, this article on marketing gifts is just the article for you! Here are some adorable and useful marketing gift ideas that both parents and child are sure to love!

What are marketing gifts?

Marketing gifts are articles of merchandise that are used in marketing programs. They are often given away in order to promote a company, brand or to boost corporate image.

Offering marketing gifts are one of the best marketing strategies that a company can deploy in order to boost brand awareness. By doing so, your company will be able to leave a good impression in the minds of your associates or clients. They will also feel valued when your company puts in extra effort to offer them promotional merchandise.

Marketing gift ideas for babies!

Marketing Gift - Baby Mobile Toy

Marketing Gift – Baby Mobile Toy

These hanging toy mobiles are sure to be a baby’s top pick as they are colorful and fun! These mobiles can be clipped on to the top of the crib or the stroller and will be sure to amuse a child for hours! Parents will appreciate this thoughtful gift, as it will help the child’s development even as they play with it.

Marketing Gift - Animal Baby Rattles

Marketing Gift – Animal Baby Rattles

These baby rattles are shaped after animals such as bears, pandas and lions. Rattles are said to be good for babies as they encourage the infants to explore more. Babies learn and discover more as they grab and hold the rattle. Some rattles can also double up as teethers as the babies grow!

Marketing Gift - Baby Onesie

Marketing Gift – Baby Onesie

Baby clothing are highly practical gifts for infants especially onesies! Onesies are distinguished by the extension below the waist that has Velcro or snaps that enable it to be closed over the crotch. These Velcro or snaps allows parents access to the infant’s diaper for easy diaper changing. The best part about offering clothes is that they can be easily customized in order to add a personal touch to it. Thus your brand can express its creativity by designing unique and interesting looking clothing items that every parent will love.

Marketing Gift - Baby Mittens

Marketing Gift – Baby Mittens

Baby mittens are essential for infants as it prevents them from scratching and hurting themselves. They also come in handy for those in colder countries as it helps to keep the baby nice and warm.

Marketing Gift - Baby Blanket

Marketing Gift – Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are useful to have as gifts as new parents will have one less thing to buy. One can offer baby blankets that are extra soft and safe for babies, these blankets will keep the baby nice and warm on cold nights. Baby blankets are pretty standard marketing gifts therefore if you want your gift to be extra special, one can find some really cute personalized blankets embroidered with animals and characters. You can even place your company logo or mascot onto the product! 

Marketing Gift - Diaper Bag

Marketing Gift – Diaper Bag

Gone are the days when diaper bags were kiddy looking bags, the diaper bags of today are more stylish and convenient than ever. These diaper bags come with multiple components that can every thing you’ll need in order to care for a baby.


Marketing Gift - Feeding Bowl

Marketing Gift – Feeding Bowl

These specially designed baby feeding bowls are really cool marketing gifts as well. They come in a set along with a sippy cup and a bib all following the frog theme. Not only is this gift set highly practical, it is very well designed as well.

Marketing Gift - Baby Bottle

Marketing Gift – Baby Bottle

Toddler cups or baby bottles like these are perfect marketing gifts for many reasons. Firstly, it is lightweight so it makes the cup highly portable.  Secondly the cup can be customized to have any design on it and this will make the baby bottle appeal to children making it easier to make them drink their water/milk.

Marketing Gift - Bib

Marketing Gift – Bib

Why not consider these adorable baby bibs? They come in a variety of designs and animals that are sure to put a smile on a baby’s face. Parents will also be glad to have these hanging round the neck of the child as it prevents food from getting all over their clothes.

Last but not least, these wet bags are sure to be a lifesaver for all parents! Check out this article to find out more:

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