The promotional gift being introduced today is more likely to attract companies linked to the sports industry or sponsors of sports teams, even though it can be used in any kind of industry. This sport based promotional gift is no other than the widespread yet very appreciated football ball (or soccer ball, depending on where you’re from). This football ball is one of the best-sellers among the promotional gift.

Why is the football ball such a good promotional gift?

1)   Everybody that loves this sport will appreciate a football ball as a gift! Football balls are gifts that can be used by both adults and children. It is however, a really good promotional gift to give to kids, so mostly people with kids at home will own at least one football ball.

2)   It is a very appreciated product. A football ball is the kind of promotional product that really pleases the one receiving it. It’s part of your goal, as a company that uses promotional products. If your product pleases your clients, they will use it more often: therefore you have reached your goal.

3)   There’s no better item to put your logo, company name, slogan on. Since the surface is big and you can actually print all over the ball if you wish. Therefore you can put whatever logo or design you want without destroying the aesthetic aspect of the product.

How to choose your football ball?

Even though this football ball is a very basic item, you have to choose the right one that goes well with your company. It has to go with the image you want to spread through these promotional items. You could either design the ball in a way that bears your company logo, message or you could have a theme that follows through for the entire ball.

One example on choosing the first type of design option is as shown on the picture below; that has been done for Windows when the American computer company launched Vista.

Promotional Gift: Football

Promotional Gift: Football

If you’re more into the second option, there are many different kinds of ball materials and design you can choose from. The one below is vintage, it would be perfect if your company’s name is written in a sober color on it.

Promotional Gift: Volleyball

Promotional Gift: Volleyball

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