Hong Kong Trade & Development Council (HKTDC) hosts a lot of trade shows every year. Our marketing team stopped by both the Hong Kong Games & Toys Fair and the Hong Kong Licensing Show this week to find some cool sport promo gift ideas!

sport promo gift - rugby football bags

Sport promo gift – Rugby Ball Backpack

This very cool sport promo gift caught our attention. It’s a very unique product and we thought it could work very well.  Good for rugby, football, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, cricket or soccer promotions.  I know i left out loads of ball sports but it is a pretty long list.  The pictures above look like a rugby ball or American NFL ball when it’s folded.  However, if you unzip and unfold the content of the ball, you end up with a very high end backpack like the photo below.

sport promo gift - rugby backpack unfolded

Sport promo gift – Rugby ball backpack unfolded

Why do we love this sport promo gift?

There are actually many reasons why we loved this promogift. Here is the list:

  • It’s easy to carry
  • It’s smart
  • It’s fashionable
  • It’s fully customizable
  • It can be used as an actual rugby ball to play with (the cover is made of thick hard neoprene)
  • It can come in many different shape
sport promo gift - different styles shape

Sport Promo gift – Different styles & shape available

This last point is actually what we loved the most in this sport promo gift. It comes in many different styles and size:

  • Soccer ball shape
  • American football / Rugby ball shape
  • Volley ball shape
  • … and even wheel/tire shape (see this Audi / BMW examples below)

    Tire Wheel Shape bag - Perfect automobile sport gift

    Tire or Wheel Shape bag – Perfect automobile sport gift

We love the Audi and BMW wheel bags too.   These brands sponsor some major sports brands and ODM love cobranded promotional product campaigns.

Although it has a very high perceived value due to its very good quality and design, it’s probably not the cheapest gift you can think of… No worries though! Those with a smaller budget will be very happy to know that this product also comes in a smaller size.  This is more a pencil case size.

Sport Promogift - Mini Football Pencil Case

Sport Promo gift – Mini Football Pencil Case

Of course, due to the size it’s no longer a backpack once unfolded, but we loved the pencil case anyway. Great idea, perfect as a tradeshow or stadium giveaway for example.

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