Castrol promos

Feel like kicking some balls for free? Castrol US, the lubricant producer, has a solution.

All this year they have been running a promotional gift offer in the US. In order to benefit from the offer you must buy 5 or more quarts of Castrol Edge or Castrol Edge Oil Change.  In exchange you receive a free limited edition NFL football. The ball is very stylish and valuable to true American football fans.

Notice that the ball does not bear the Castrol logo.  Therefore it is less of an advertizing tool for the company than its other promos – soccer ballfood jar or towel.   All of their other promo campaigns presented in previous posts had Castrol branding.

Promotional gift - NFL Football by Castrol

Top Tip. Printing gifts with a companies promotional logo will usually reduce the perceived value of the gift.   Printing with no logo means no long term advertising benefit.   Speak to an ODM sales rep. to find the right solution & balance in order to maximise perceived value & long term advertising benefits.

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