Nitto Tire gave away these Limited Edition Car Air Fresheners football game in Florida State.   They were custom-made by Masik Collegiate Fragrances. Why did they chose such an unusual promo approach?

Because the company believes that  “Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory and emotion”. 

The air freshener is specially formulated with apple, lemon, juniper berries and other ingredients to create the signature Florida scent. Nitto Tire aimed to build a connection with the fans for what they feel for their team and the enthusiasm they have for their cars.

By doing so, you build brand loyalty among football fans and thus drive more sales for your product.

You can design your own air freshener with unique scentcompany logo or any marketing message that you wish to convey. Start building good customer relationship so they will remember your brand the next time they are making a purchase.

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