Kopparberg is offering a promotional gift set that fruit cider fans will love. Included in the pack are 1 x 330 ml bottle of mixed fruit cider and a Kopparberg branded glass. What we noticed is that the brand is offering the same products and on pack offer, but the beverage packaging designs are different.

In the first gift set, you’ll see that the glass and the bottle of cider are placed together inside the box. It’s simple and the cut-out shows what the products are.

Beverage Packaging Design

Beverage Packaging Design


The second set’s packaging design is rather more edgy with cut outs on either side, exposing parts of the glass and mixed fruit cider.

Beverage Packaging Design

Beverage Packaging Design

What We Love About their Brand Packaging Design and What You Can Do Differently

Consistent – Even though the style of the boxes are different, we like how they used the same colors for both boxes. This makes it easier for customers to spot and identify the brand. In addition, the black background helped the brand name pop.

Tip for Your Brand: Make use of your brand colors to strengthen visibility. Also, using few colors create a cohesive look. Here’s a great example by Fundador. They used blue-white color scheme to match up their “Ultra Smooth” product label.


Cut Outs: Since the brand is offering a giveaway glass, it is necessary to give shoppers a glimpse of the gift they’ll be receiving. And more importantly, it gives texture to the whole ensemble.

Tip for Your Brand: If your packaging box has cut outs, consider covering it with clear plastic to protect the contents. This will keep the glasses from getting scratched or broken. This one from Fever-tree is a good example. The glass is protected by a plastic cover so that it doesn’t fall out of the box:


Background Information at the Back of the Carton: Kopparberg used this part to share some important information about the brand such as the product packaging manufacturer, alcohol content, a reminder to drink responsibly, and a reminder to sell alcoholic drinks responsibly.

Tip for Your Brand: Aside from these vital information, you may want to include cocktail recipes, especially if you’re selling Gin and Tonic sets or drink mixers. This will give your customers ideas on how to spice up their drinks.

Beverage Packaging Design

Beverage Packaging Design


Ways to Improve Your Own Drinks Promotion

Use a Custom POS Display: We’ve noticed that Kopparberg is sharing shelf space with other drinks. While this could be considered a cost-effective marketing strategy, this could affect their saleability.

Beverage Packaging Design

Beverage Packaging Design

What to do? Sharing shelf space means you’re also competing for customer’s attention. The more products there is, the harder it is for shoppers to decide what product to buy. Use a POS display unit or a free standing display dedicated to your brand to make sure you get your customer’s undivided attention. Check out this display by Chivas:


Use Unique Gifts: Glass as customer giveaway is nothing new. So many brands have done this before, but it is still works. However, you want to differentiate your brand from others so you have to offer something competitors do not have. A custom ice bucket might be a good idea as you can get creative with this product. Materials can range from metal, plastic, and even wood. Here’s an example of a bespoke ice bucket that’s perfecet for sports promotion and sponsorship:


See more out-of-the-box designs here:


Our Takeaway…

Your packaging is as important as the content itself. Shoppers will judge your brand from what they see. As such, it is important to get the designs correct the first time. So if you are keen to create your own custom drinks packaging design that truly stands out, then contact The ODM Group today.


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