Wilkin & Sons have proven that a marketing gift pack does not need to be bulky and cumbersome in order to attract the eye of shoppers. This custom gift set highlights their heritage as a brand and encourages customers to use Wilkin & Sons products in new ways.

Marketing Gift Pack
Marketing Gift Pack

Not just effective – relevant too:

Brand history: Wilkin & Sons is a brand with traditional sensibilities and a heritage to take pride in. The family business, founded in 1885, have produced chutneys, jams and spreads for decades. Wilkin & Sons products are locally crafted in the English town of Tiptree.

Presence in Tiptree: Moreover, Wilkin & Sons own more than 1,000 acres of land in Tiptree, where the produce required for these products is grown.

Relevant items: Wilkin & Sons have gifted shoppers a cheese baking dish and spatula as a gift with purchase. The cheese dish bakes Camembert or other soft cheese into a warm appetizer.

Encourages repeat purchases: This dish is commonly enjoyed with chutney, making it a clever choice for Wilkin & Sons. Additionally, customers who enjoy eating baked cheese with their chutney will likely purchase Wilkin & Sons’ product more frequently in the future.

Heres what makes this marketing gift pack stand out:

Practical marketing gift: The cheese dish and wooden spatula are highly practical gifts. “Tiptree”, engraved on the spatula, links to the brand’s history in this area.

Traditional: Wilkin & Sons have very refined and traditional branding. The label bears a family crest and displays the product’s name without any colour or other design. This places the emphasis on the product itself, which is visible through a sturdy glass jar.

High quality: Because of Wilkin & Sons’ history as a brand, gifting plastic custom giveaway items would not connect to their brand identity. Wood and porcelain – from the spatula and cheese baker – are high quality, natural materials. This will reinforce the brand’s image as a trustworthy purveyor of premium products.

Positioning: Placing the jar inside the cheese baker was a wise decision. This showcases both products and suggests that they should be used together.

Simple yet impactful: The colours used here are fairly neutral, with natural wood tones and white featured prominently. The orange shade of the cheese dish is attention-grabbing without being over the top. This also links nicely to the colour of the chutney.

Marketing Gift Pack
Marketing Gift Pack

What can Wilkin and Sons improve?

Limit plastic used: The plastic which keeps the pieces in this marketing gift pack in place feels too prominent. This conflicts with Wilkin & Sons’ branding and takes attention away from the high-quality products being given away.

Consider cardboard instead: I suggest that the brand use cardboard in their marketing branded gift pack. This is cost-effective and more environmentally friendly than plastic. Sturdy or even plain brown cardboard has a natural look and will create a premium feel that is currently compromised.

Wilkin & Sons have produced a great marketing gift pack that stands out on the shelf, improving their brand’s value and ultimately, market share.

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