Whether you’re a tea lover, tea hater or just British you will have heard of the famous beverage brand Twinings and their huge selection of tea made for any persons taste. In Singapore the company is offering a fantastic tea promotion, that gives customers the chance to not only receive their classic “English Breakfast” tea but a “Passion Fruit and Mango” tea as well – all to be used with a fantastic “My Cup of tea” mug as a promotional gift.

Twinings  is an English marketer of tea, based in Andover, Hampshire. The brand is owned by Associated British Foods and was first established in 1706 by Mr Thomas Twining.

While they are known around the world for their great flavors and infusions, this marketing gift exposes the true greatness of Twinings to it’s customers.

Twinings Tea Promotion: My Cup of Tea On Pack Gift

Twinings Tea Promotion: My Cup of Tea On Pack Gift

What we like about this tea promotion:

  1. Mug – The promo gift offered by Twinings is the main endorsement to customers by the company, offering them them the chance to not only have the tea itself but a mug to drink it from. While being generic to all customers the Mug has a slight personalisation to it with the “my cup of tea” quote. Furthermore the mug sticks to the classy appearance of Twinings with golden font on a black background and a very elegant stencil around it. It is also central in the packaging to emphasise the free gift given in this tea promotion.
  2. Tea – Offers a diverse choice in tea flavours to attract a variety of customers. Whether they like the classic Twinings flavour or enjoy a more fruity tea, this promotion targets all different customer tastes.
  3. Packaging – Classically packaged to the Twinings branding to secure the brand recognition by all potential and outstanding customers.

ODM enjoy a nice cup of tea during their break and with this new mug promotion there wont be any mistake to who’s tea is who’s, well maybe… If you are interested in finding your next promotional product, contact us today for a quote.

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