An in store point of sales display, when used correctly, can be an innovative tool for promoting your brand and product.  And here we have a great example of a successful vivid use of marketing in this point of sales display by Swiss beverage brand, Schweppes, whose display is both bright and exotic looking. Below will highlight exactly why this is a good display.

Mix It Up with Schweppes Point of Sales Display

Mix It Up with Schweppes Point of Sales Display

Why is Schweppes point of sales display effective for marketing your brand?

  • Brand awareness. POS displays play a huge part in making sure that your brand makes its stand in the world full of customers. If organised and displayed in a exotic and vibrant display, people are more likely to notice your brand and its display. The more unique your display looks, the more likely people will look at your product and remember it, improving your brand image.
  • Promotion. Displays such as this are fantastic and is an easy way to promote your product, be it for promotions, introducing new products, and for use during events. They will for sure get noticed!
  • Increase sales. Good points of sales display are good for promoting your overall brand. Regardless of whether it to let customers know about your product, to give customers the impulse to buy, or too simply let customers touch and have a look at your product. All of these factors will promote a positive feeling from your brand, and in the future these reasons may lead a customer to buy your product.

At ODM we have years of experience in creatively designing point of sales displays. Feel free to contact us and learn more about how you can design your own display, or how you can promote your products by coming up with new innovative ideas for marketing your brand.

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