A great marketing gift is interactive and long lasting. Marketing gift is a tool we can use to boost your brand image. There are many products we can choose to offer. Different products have different effects on the market. If we want to brighten up any house parties, here is a great idea to use.

Marketing Gift - Drinking Glass Chess Set

Marketing Gift – Drinking Glass Chess Set

This drinking glass chess set is especially great for spirit companies. We can offer this chess set as an on-pack promotion with some bottles of liquor. Simply pour the drinks into the shot glasses and drink up when the opponent wins your chess piece.

This way, drinking will be more fun and interactive. And who says chess is only for two people? We can always have two teams against each other. After all, this is not a chess competition but a fun party. This chess set can definitely lift the atmosphere.

Communicate Your Brand Using Marketing Gift!

When we offer products that delight our customer, they will remember us. It shows that we are customer-oriented. Our customer will be very pleased with the product itself. However, this is not all. We can maximise its effect by branding.

Branding our marketing gifts will enforce brand recall. Our customer will not remember where they got the gift from after some time. Having our brand on these items will make them think of us more.

Not only that, we can also increase brand awareness. For example, if our customer lend this chess set to somebody, most probably they would not purposely tell their friends where they get this from. Don’t lose this opportunity to market our brand to their friend. This is a great opportunity to increase our market share.

There are many ways to brand it. We can brand every single shot glass, or just the chess board. Whichever way we choose, consider how our customer will perceive our brand when using the product. In this way, we can effectively communicate our brand image.