Billabong is giving away a torch gift with purchase with every Billabong apparel purchased, exclusively available on Zalora. The torch is portable and can be easily carried around. It is convenient for lighting up areas in dark places. Find out how this torch can be used effectively as a gift with purchase…

Torch Gift with Purchase

Torch Gift with Purchase

Billabong International is a clothing company traded on the Australian Securities Exchange since 11 August 2000. Billabong has 677 company-owned stores worldwide. Billabong was founded in 1973 by Gordon and Rena Merchant. The name came from the same word billabong, which is a stagnant body of water attached to a waterway.

Why is this torch used as a gift with purchase?

The torch is handy and portable, which makes it convenient to be carried around outdoors. It also comes with  a keyring which makes it easy to attach to your bag. This torch can be used to light up dark places outdoors or for night use. It comes in 4 different colours of olive, black, orange and blue.

How may this gift with purchase affect sales?

ODM loves that this torch is branded with the Billabong logo. This will increase brand awareness as more people will know of the Billabong brand. Imagine the market share Billabong can gain by branding its GWP! It will definitely attract people to Billabong stores.

The logo will also increase brand recall and facilitate reminder advertising. This will remind customers to make repeat purchases of Billabong apparel and enforce brand loyalty. This will attract existing customers to spend at Billabong stores again, thus increasing sales.

The torch gift with purchase will also entice new customers to make a purchase of Billabong’s apparel. This will also increase Billabong’s customers base which ultimately increases sales. What do you think of this gift with purchase?