Here’s an idea. How about a game of checkers… or a drinking game? Or both at the same time.

Using shot glasses instead of pieces, Checkers can suddenly become a much more fun game to enjoy with your friends and to have a laugh with. Everytime a player’s piece is taken, that person must drink from the glass that was taken. The game ends when the game of Checkers does.

Shot glasses Promo Gift idea

I suggest using slightly milder alcohols in your shot glasses as there are a total of 12 shot glasses per player, and with a game made mostly of glass this could mean a lot of cleaning up in the morning!

This idea would also work for Chess, with each piece printed on the glass e.g. a picture of a ‘castle’ printed on the glass. You could also choose to include your company logo on the product to increase brand recognition. It’s never a bad thing to be associated with fun!

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