Who doesn’t want to have the best marketing exposure for their brands? Obviously, every brand wants to emerge on top. They want to become a household name and to have more loyal customers. With the goal of further enhancing their brand performance, Jose Cuervo is giving away high-quality logo ice bucket to customers for every purchase of a bottle of tequila. Check

Promo Ice Bucket - Jose Cuervo's Successful Marketing Giveaway

Promo Ice Bucket – Jose Cuervo’s Successful Marketing Giveaway

Logo Ice Bucket As Gift With Purchase

A striking ice bucket featuring your brand’s logo or tag line can be a good way to promote your brand. As in Jose Cuervo’s case, they printed their logo and tag line on the side; the prominent design helps promote the brand whilst keeping drinks cool at the same time.


Why Do We Love This Logo Ice Bucket?

  • Branding Potential – Ice buckets have a wide area for branding, which allows marketers to create their own catchy ice bucket designs. Once you’ve perfected your design, you may sponsor events and parties and use these buckets to serve your drinks. Also, if you choose to turn this as a marketing giveaway, customers will certainly love getting this item because it is functional and beautiful. Then, customers would feel that they received more than what they’ve paid for, thus, they are more willing to purchase your products over the others. Furthermore, a happy customer will always be loyal to your brand. If you would like to see other ice bucket designs, please feel free to check the link below.
  • Affordable Promotion – Manufacturing a regular custom ice bucket is not as expensive as you may think. Most of the time, manufacturers use high-grade plastic for their ice bucket. And we all know that plastic is pretty much affordable because it is easy to source. Also, plastic is durable and lightweight which makes it the perfect material for manufacturing your branded ice bucket.
  • Versatile Design: In terms of designing your promotional ice buckets, there are many different styles and ways to customize them. Aside from printing your brand name and logo, you may also add interesting features to make them more appropriate for your target market.


Brands That Had Previous Success in Using Promotional Ice Buckets In Their Marketing Campaigns

This promotional ice bucket is both functional and cost-effective which makes it the perfect promotional item that a champagne brand can offer.


With its aluminum interior, this branded ice bucket complements the product really well. Giving free beer merchandise surely attracts beer lovers. Indeed, who would say no to a cold beer during hot and humid weather?


The custom metal design emits exclusivity and class. It makes the customers feel special when purchasing it.


Overall, a logo ice bucket is a good way to promote your brand because it is affordable and has great branding potential. Even big brands are using it to market their products. So, this just proves that this little plastic bucket is surely an effective promotional product.

If this item interests you, please feel free to contact the ODM team so we can discuss your options. We can help you from conceptualising, designing, and manufacturing promotional products for your business. So, feel free to contact us anytime.


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