Promotional Ice Buckets are an excellent and very visible promotional advertising tool.   Cold drinks are a big part of pleasure in life. For parties or meals having a nice ice bucket on the table to keep your drinks cold is always a nice thing to do!

Promotional ice bucket

There are many factories in China who can offer standard designs for beer buckets.   These 2 buckets provide excellent advertising for brands with big logo printing areas at the sides & are some of the most common ice buckets you can see around.

Firstly we see a semi transparent model for Carlsberg.  These buckets can be made in different colours and these hold around 6 standard bottles.

Beer is so important for parties, having these ice buckets will make the party even better!

Bottle ice bucket

On the right we see another design where all 6 bottles are separated.   This looks better on the table, but takes up lots of space and is more cumbersome for bar staff to arrange and position.

From our selection of beer promo buckets, which do you prefer and why?  Pls. leave a comment.

You also can cool down your nice wine or whisky in ice buckets.

Firstly for Whiskey buckets, the goal is have a room temperature bottle and ice to put in the glass.   Since you will not always finish a bottle of whiskey in 1 sitting, the goal is to keep the label of whiskey from becoming wet.   The addition of ice/water to the drink helps bring out (change) the taste of the drink.  For this reason you might also want to consider some serving tongs

Promotional gift- Ice bucket

Wine cooler

Custom Ice Buckets for Wine: Since these drinks are usually sold for much more than beers, we can note that most of the time wine buckets are also of higher quality, more complex in design and more ornate.

Generally wine buckets are used for white wines and Champagnes though can be used for red wines in hot countries.

Why not read some of our blogs on Champagne packaging and let us know what other designs have you liked?

Don’t be limited in your creativity when designing custom barware such as ice buckets.   Have a look at our custom bottle glorifiers for inspiration to make sure you draw attention to your brand.  Integrate features like below for excellent visible evening options:

New promotional item- Light ice bucket

This ice bucket will not just be an ice bucket but also a nice cool decoration as well.

If you have any custom requests, you can just send us the art work we can make your own ice bucket (Shape, colour, logo, lighting etc.)

This is a very good promotional product for restaurants, big companies, bars, clubs…