We recently saw Pravda Vodka using an exclusive ice bucket in Poland as a POS Display in bars and clubs. We can see below an image of this bar POS Display that has definitely caught many people’s attention. Because of its bespoke shape, many people have come and checked it out.

Exclusive Ice Bucket

Exclusive Ice Bucket

This is no ordinary ice bucket. As you can see, it comes in a very unique shape. There is a bottle container in the middle and containers for beer cans. This is made from plastic and so the transparent material allows for the branding to be seen.


Exclusive Ice Bucket for Drinks Promotion

This exclusive ice bucket is an excellent advertising tool for bars and restaurants. They also make an excellent addition to your trade show marketing. Aside from keeping the drinks cold, this ice boat for drinks will make a great centerpiece on bars and tables during exhibits.

Having a nice ice bucket on the table to keep drinks cold will also benefit beverage companies. Alcoholic beverage companies will sure to get unlimited brand exposure through this display. But how? As customers drink with friends, the branding on the can can be seen through the transparent material of the ice boat. As they enjoy every sip, they will come to associate fun times with the brand and the venue.

Are you looking for a way to stand out within the hectic environment of retail stores? Why not use an ice boat to showcase your drinks? We usually see drinks being showcased on Gondola shelves while others who can afford, use free standing displays exclusively designed for their brand. However, not everyone can afford luxurious and high-end marketing displays. So, we suggest utilizing this acrylic ice boat as a POS display. Doing so will help highlight what is good about your products without having to spend a lot. This is also especially helpful if you like to offer free tastes to your customers.



Made from Acrylic: The product is made out of acrylic providing an affordable product for beverage companies.

Branding Opportunity: There is ample space for printing brand name and logo. Do you want to make it more high-end? Get in touch with Mindsparkz for different material options. For logo branding, we can use standard silk screen printing and match your corporate Pantone colors. You can even make your logo look fancy by adding LED functions!

Beverage companies normally should look into promoting their brands throughout the whole year but big emphasis goes to summer seasons where people have holidays and tend to relax in bars and clubs. Are you ready?


How To Get This Exclusive Ice Bucket For Your Next Campaign?

As you can see, this exclusive ice bucket has 6 containers for beer cans and one for the bottle at the center.

Exclusive Ice Bucket

Exclusive Ice Bucket


Unlike the ordinary ice bucket, this one is more aesthetically pleasing.

Exclusive Ice Bucket

Exclusive Ice Bucket


Contact ODM

Do you like this acrylic ice bucket? Then, contact our team and quote product ODM-1741. We have years of experience in the drinks industry. Our previous projects involve designing bar gift sets, custom jiggers, custom drinking glasses, as well as custom drinks packaging. Our team can also help you source high-end merchandising displays for drinks.

If you’re looking for more ideas for the drinks promotional products for the next campaigns please read more below blogs.


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