The world most famous cereal company, Kellogg’s, just launched a massive global promotional campaign offering logo engraved spoon through the website

logo engraved spoon - kelloggs

Logo engraved spoon by Kellogg’s

Basically, every pack of Kellogg’s cereal (whatever the brand) have the link to their website where you can create your very own spoon following these few simple steps:

Step #1: visit the Kellogg’s logo engraved spoon website

Nothing easier than that, if you want to get your logo engraved spoon visit

kelloggs logo engraved spoon - special offer

Kellogg’s logo engraved spoon – Special offer

Step #2: customize the spoon

This is where the fun begins, you will first have to choose the size of your logo engraved spoon. Spoon for kids or spoon for the adult?

kelloggs logo engraved spoons

Kellogg’s logo engraved spoon sizes

Then you will have to choose which Kellogg’s brand logo you want to have engraved at the edge of the spoon. You can choose between every single brand. Last but not least, comes the name customization part where you can type your name (up to 10 characters).

custom name logo engraved spoons

Custom name & logo engraved spoons by Kellogg’s

Step #3: share the offer with your friends on social media

Once you’ve chosen a name that was already in Kellogg’s name database (i.e. ODM GROUP in the above picture was not a valid option), you are asked to share the picture of your very own logo engraved spoon on social media (Twitter or Facebook to be precise). If you do so, you will get a chance to receive your spoon at home.

Logo engraved spoon - Kellogg's

Logo engraved spoon – Kellogg’s

Why Do We Think This Logo Engraved Spoon Is A Great Marketing Gift?

  • Practicality and Brand Exposure – This Kellog’s promotional giveaway suggests consuming the product immediately because it gives customers a spoon to use. The great thing about promo spoons is that they will always be in use which facilitates brand exposure.
  • Brand Value and Improve Sales – When consumers receive a complimentary gift with purchase, this leaves a positive impression towards the brand. As a result, consumers would patronise your products over the competition. Therefore, your sales and profitability go up.

In conclusion, what we really liked about this promotion is the actual name engraving. From our experience, the difference in perceived value between a promotional gift with a logo and one with a name engraved is massive. That’s why we usually recommend our client to consider metal (aluminium especially) as a material. Aluminium is both high end and easily customizable.

Check out these metal wallet we’ve made for Mindsparkz for example:

If you want to create your own version of this promotional item, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team of experts is always ready to handle all your marketing and manufacturing queries.