Kellogg is a brand that has been working with families for over 10 decades. In this marketing campaign, we see Kellogg coming together with Hotwheels to create an eye-catching display for their marketing campaign. Promoting their cereal along with a free Hotwheel product with the purchase. Successfully drawing customers to their products and enticing customers. In this article, we analyse the five reasons why this POS Marketing Display is a success.

POS Marketing Display

POS Marketing Display


5 Reasons Kellogg’s & Hotwheels POS Marketing Display Works

  1. Commanding Attention

A bright and bold design never fails to attract customers’ attention. Colours can be used to your advantage in marketing. Because the connection with colours is so immediate, customers may not even realize that it plays a huge role in catching their attention. This is where we can play with colours in marketing displays.

Kellogg’s and Hotwheels use the colour red, a warm & energetic colour commanding confidence, strength, and importance. This colour has the ability to attract a viewer’s eye the fastest. Without a doubt, the prominent colour red makes this POS Display stand out among the numerous aisles in the supermarket.


  1. Understanding your Product and Audience

Kellogg has been serving families for over 100 years, pairing with Hotwheels being a popular toy brand among children introduced in 1968 with a target audience of parents. Both come closely in line with each other’s target audience. This expands Kellogg’s potential customers to Hotwheel’s target market, overall increasing market share for its brand and their potential customers.


  1. Creative Design

Most often customers enter their shopping trip with products already in mind that they intend to buy. Kellogg’s creates a main display attraction using an eye-catching car design which is what Hotwheels is immediately associated with. This will successfully draw customers and pique their curiosity. When paired with the additional enticement of a free gift with their purchase it will drive additional sales for Kellogg.

POS Marketing Display

POS Marketing Display

  1. Positioning

Point-of-Sale displays pushing promotions almost guarantees that every customer entering will encounter your product nearing the end of their shopping trip. This is the perfect position for products that might not have been in the shopper’s original shopping list, triggering thought of purchase of the product and generating more point of sale purchases.


  1. Boosted Sales

The combination of the attention-grabbing design, potentially expanding their market share and positioning of the merchandise display where customers’ interaction with this product occurs near to where the actual sale of products happens, will successfully trigger impulse purchases, boosting sales for the company.


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