July 19 is Daquiri Day! A simple but well-loved cocktail by many. To celebrate this day, we want to share some drinks promotional ideas, such as Custom Jiggers!

Daiquiri Day - Custom Jiggers Promotions

Daiquiri Day

When you go to a bar, have you ever wondered how the bartender stylishly prepare your drinks with such immaculate accuracy? They actually do this using custom jiggers, which is a bartender’s measuring device.

Custom Jiggers

Custom Jiggers

A jigger usually has 2 different sides, the bigger side called the “jigger” or “gill” while the smaller side is called the “pony,” which can be filled with 1 oz (30ml) of liquid (the usual amount of a normal shot glass). Made out of stainless steel, these jiggers are portable and durable, making it perfect for mixing cocktails.

Custom Jiggers

Custom Jiggers

Aside from the fact that bartenders can perform aesthetically pleasing tricks with the jiggers, there are also various reasons why your company would benefit from having some promotional custom jiggers to help market your goods.


Why should you consider these custom jiggers for your next promotion?

  • Branding Opportunity: With these promotional custom jiggers, there is enough space on the side for branding. Therefore, you will be able to prominently imprint your company name or logo on the jiggers. Doing so helps you advertise the brand in a way that does not


  • Design: These jiggers act as a great promotional tool due to its design. The design gives off a luxurious and modern feel, which will impress customers. Furthermore the sleek design and slick metal finish, will be sure to match perfectly with any alcoholic bottles.


  • Practical Use: The custom jiggers are a great promotional tool, as they have a practical use. For instance, a potential customer could use the jiggers to mix their own cocktails. This would make it popular among customers, as they would have a use for it. Used in parties, they could help spark conversation about your brand.



How can you use these Custom Jiggers to promote your company?

There are many ways that the jiggers can be used to promote your company. For instance, the jiggers can be used along with on pack bottle neckers. The jiggers can be taped or attached to the bottle as a promotional bottle necker promo idea.

Or marketing managers could set up a bottle collar promotions. They can put the instruction on how to redeem custom jiggers in the inner part of the bottle necker.

Another way that the custom jiggers can be used would be in a drinks gift set, together with other bar items such as shot glasses, shakers, and ice buckets for a bar promotional idea. Consider having a high-end custom packaging design to give your gift set a more premium feel.

This branded gift set by Jim Beam is an excellent example. The bourbon brand put together a practical gift pack that includes a custom drinking cup, a branded promotional pourer, and a branded jigger. When used for parties, at home, or at work, the brand gains the recognition it deserves. Customized jiggers and personalized jiggers are great ways to attract customers and users.

Would your company benefit from having these promotional jiggers? If so, feel free to send in an inquiry for product code ODM-677. Here at The ODM Group, we specialize in unique promotional products, as well as creating custom retail packaging and POS display units.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are some other bar marketing promotional items that can compliment these bar jiggers?

What material is normally used in a custom jigger?

The most common material used is stainless steel and plastic