4 Reasons to Raise Your Glass to Greenall’s Branded Jiggers

Greenall’s, a classic British gin handcrafted by England’s oldest gin distillery, has remained committed to its vision of offering the first quality crafted gin. And to further build its reputable name on the market, the company has launched this awesome GWP promotion where customers can get a branded jigger for every purchase of Greenall’s Blueberry Gin!

Branded Jigger

Branded Jigger


The brand offers a wide range of products to suit the taste of its customers, from its classic London Dry Gin to its great-tasting mixtures of natural fruity flavors. In their recent supermarket promotion, the company leveraged promotional bar jiggers in pulling the crowd more into their products.

What is a jigger anyway?

A bar jigger is a tool that can help you to measure alcoholic ingredients precisely. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. It is an important bar accessory for bartenders or those who simply love to mix up a good cocktail to ensure top-tier drinks.


What Do We Love About This Promotion?

Branded Jigger

Branded Jigger


Attracting Gin Connoisseurs

With the brand’s reputable name in offering their customers the best handcrafted British gin, it will surely pique the interest of gin connoisseurs. The branded jigger with this promotional product is great collectible merchandise to add to their barware accessories.


Turning Prospective Shoppers to Spenders

Greenall’s Blueberry Gin is quite popular among retail shoppers. Thinking of its refreshing fruity flavor can certainly make anyone raving about it. What more if it has a branded jigger that makes it appear more enticing to purchase? People who love to host gin tasting parties or simply include gin in their celebrations would love to have this promotional branded gift.

Branded Jigger

Branded Jigger


Color Selection

How big of a factor does color selection play in the package design process? Taking it from a consumer’s perspective, the color branding can either greatly or gravely impact the purchase decision. We love how Greenall’s has aligned the color of the promotional gift item to the promotional product it is attached to. It makes the whole appearance exceptional and stands out on the retail shelves.


Powerful Marketing Tool

Branded gift with purchase promotions is definitely effective in spreading awareness in your target audiences. Branded jiggers are an excellent sample as they come in very handy, providing practicality and a great collectible gift for home bars. It also reaches a wider net of customers as it is utilized at parties, events, and celebrations.

Branded Jigger

Branded Jigger


On A Final Note,

For liqueur brands, promotional bar accessories such as branded jiggers, shot glassesshakers, and ice buckets are excellent promotional tools. A branded jigger can exquisitely uphold the brand’s name and actively promote it everywhere at any moment. Take Greenall’s jigger promotion as an excellent sample! Whilst making their branded on-pack promotion more exciting, it helps the brand to expand its presence and reach in the market.


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