On-pack promotion is an advertising scheme that has been known to capture people’s attention from the get-go. It distinguishes your brand from others at first sight. What better way to set your brand apart than with a branded on promotion?

Campo Viejo is offering a free multi-use wine stopper with the sale of its wine bottles and we would like to discuss some reasons why we think this is a fantastic idea. The packaging was also used as a bottle necker so it really stands out.

branded on-pack promotion

What is a wine stopper?

A wine stopper is an accessory to close leftover wine bottles before refrigerating them. They are essential because it is hard to put the original cork back into the bottleneck. Wine stoppers vary in shapes, sizes, and materials. They’re also relatively easy to customize and include in your wine promotion as they’re a perfect complimentary gift.

branded on-pack promotion

What do we like about this branded on-pack promotion?


As mentioned earlier, wine enthusiasts will have much use for this gift because it would always come in handy. It is also a perfect complement to the wine because it is of direct to the buyer. You are presenting them an option that says “I want you to enjoy this wine to the fullest”

The beauty of having a useful promotional product idea is that your audience would feel seen. It’s the perfect bait to drive impulse buys and attract new, potential customers.


The fact that this wine stopper is multi-use would provide an added advantage to your audience and serve as an extra incentive for them to make the purchase. You’re not only offering them something they need, you’re letting them know very clearly that it would be of multiple benefits to them. The thing is people are innately selfish. They are more likely to purchase a product when it serves them in some certain capacity. Even better is the fact that it is an add on so it seems like they are getting 2 for the value of one. Who wouldn’t want in on this?


If you notice, you would see that the promotional product design is placed in a way that it is right on top of the bottle. This is an interesting position because it will spark initial curiosity. Also, it is interesting how it is latched to the top of the bottle in the same way that the wine stoppers are used at the top of the bottle. (We are not sure if this is what the brand had in mind when this was done but it is interesting nonetheless)

We should probably also talk about the packaging of the on-pack promotion. It is a simple box but it is also very easy on the eyes because of how it balances on the body of the wine. It is as though the wine was propping it up by itself.


It is awesome that the colour of this promotional product packaging is similar to the brand colour. This creates a very appealing visual effect to the eye that makes it attractive. Not only that but the fact that yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. It is also a bright colour and this has the tendency to capture attention from a distance.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the necessary information concerning the promotion is on the body of the package. This way, the consumer knows what you are offering at a glance.

branded on-pack promotion

Why choose a branded on-pack promotion?

Strategic positioning: Because the promotion is literally on the pack or body of the product, it automatically becomes much more enticing. On a shelf for example of so many products, yours can easily be spotted and differentiated because of the on-pack offer. This differentiation will lead to an increased awareness of your brand because it gets you noticed at a glance. Also, people have short attention spans so having your promotion on the package or body of the product is more likely to pull them in as opposed to if it weren’t as visible.

Encourages purchases and Boosts sales: On-pack promotions are a very sure way to drive impulse buys. It literally screams “Buy me” and increased purchases are definitely more sales for your brand. There is also the word of mouth effect where one person tells another person that tells another person and before you know it, there is a massive boost in the sales.

Competitive advantage: As we have already mentioned, on-pack promotions set your brand apart. They subconsciously put your brand at the forefront of the consumer’s consciousness. In a market that is heavily saturated like the drinks industry, you would need a promotion that helps you stand out from the rest. Something that gives your audience a reason to choose you over another brand. This is the beauty of on-pack marketing.

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